Thank you for your interest in San Juan Pools by Fiberglass Pools of Illinois.

We are the originators of fiberglass in the area with 29 years experience installing award winning pools all over Chicagoland. In fact, we have more experience and have won more awards than any other San Juan dealer in the U.S. Our pools are made with the finest and strongest material in the fiberglass industry. We have over 65 pool models running from 8’ x 16’ to 16’ x 45’. Pools range in depth from 4 feet to 8 feet deep. Our pool packages range in price from $40,000 to $60,000. Learn more about San Juan fiberglass pools.

The basic pool package installation price includes the following:
Digging a hole for the poolThe digging of the hole, dirt removal, pool installation via crane or backhoe, backfilling the hole with sand, and filling the pool with water from our water truck. The pools come equipped with a pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, hand rail, vacuum hose, test kit, start-up chemicals and One LED 6-color light. All equipment will be installed by our team. Installation time is the shortest on the market, taking only 5 to 10 days for the pool to be installed from start to swimming.

San Juan Fiberglass Pools may cost more up front than a vinyl or cement pool, but homeowners will more than make up the difference in savings over the life of the pool. Unlike a concrete pool, fiberglass can never crack or break and fiberglass never needs to be resurfaced and is easier and less expensive to maintain. Also, vinyl liners can easily be torn, which can cost around $5,000 to repair. They can also be punctured by a sharp object and are not pet friendly. If you tear your liner you are not only losing money but you can also say goodbye to swimming for the rest of the summer due to the time it will take to replace. Our summers are short in Chicagoland and with fiberglass you don’t have to worry about scheduling a pool repair in the middle of our already short swim season.

Due to the smooth, non-porous, permanent finish of a San Juan Fiberglass Pool, acid washing, sand blasting, re-plastering and re-painting are not required. With the pool being non-porous the chemicals that keep your pool clean won’t be absorbed and you save more than 70% per year chemicals. Also, with the smooth surface of fiberglass, nothing will stick or adhere to the pool making maintenance a breeze. Last, but certainly not least, all pools come with a 25 year warranty! We stand behind our product and firmly believe, from experience, it is the best on the swimming pool on the market.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 708-423-9028 or 630-725-Pool (7665).

Aqua Designer Awards

Location: Burr Ridge, Ill.

Cost: 56,000

The Focal point of this project is a rectagular fiberglass pool specifically designed for installation where space is at a premium. This pool features seatings along one side and includes six spa jets.

Location: Downers Grove, Ill.

Cost: 65,000

You dont need a big backyard to enjoy a pool. This pools depth ranges from 3 ft. 6in. to 5ft. 10in. and features steep seating on the shallow end and bench seating on the deep end.

Location: Barrington, Ill.

Cost: 250,000

16-by-24-ft. fiberglass pool equipped with multi-color fiber-optic lighting. An automated control system connected to the home allows complete control over the pool and all it's functions.

Location: Three Oaks, Mich.

Cost: 75,000

Built steps from the lake in the home owners backyard, this heated pool extends the swimming season at least a month in this Northern climate.


The thought of buying a pool for our new house was quite a process. We searched many different pool companies including concrete and vinyl liner pools. Then we met up with you. When you explained we would be able to have a pool that needed little maintenance and had a 25 year warranty, we were convinced.

From Dick and Ellen Smith

All we have to do is walk out the back door for our hidden paradise. No need for us to drive to a crowded beach or a summer home. We made a wise choice and are proud of our investment. If you have anyone that would like to see our pool, we would be glad to show it and answer any questions.

From The Klupshas Family


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